Friday, October 14, 2011


It's later than we all were hoping, but we have a date for the embryo transfer!!!! January 5th seems like so far away, but I know with Thanksgiving and Christmas, time should fly. (hopefully!)
We could have chosen December 15th, but the clinic is closed the last two weeks of December which makes things tricky.
My meds should start up in the next few weeks and I'm so excited!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Phone Call

What a difference one phone call can make! In a matter of a few seconds I went from excitement of going to Brady's football game to scared about Riley's life!!

So,I decided that I am going to take a quick break from blogging about surrogacy and talk about Riley. Riley only has one kidney. When he was 2 1/2 he had his left kidney removed because it was not working. Once a year, he goes in to have his good kidney checked out. In August he had his ultrasound and blood work. We've scheduled a few appointments to do a followup but needed to keep rescheduling for one reason or another. Probably a good thing now that I think of it. Anyway, he finally went in yesterday and the Dr said everything looks good as far as the blood work and ultrasound. Of course the blood work was from August. Oh well. He did a urine test when he was there and this afternoon the Dr called and said it was abnormal and I need to get Riley to Doernbechers ER immediately.

We finally got there and they rushed us right in. I've never had an ER visit quite like that. Even with Brady's Asthma stuff. It was different. I guess why it seemed so different is because Riley wasn't even sick. He didn't act sick, look sick-no one would have guessed anything was wrong!! Right away they checked his blood sugars-521. Key tones (sp?) and glucose in his urine. Lots of blood was taken and vitals galore. Poor Riley was quietly freaking out. I could tell he was so worried...his sweet big brown eyes told the whole thing. We were told we were going to stay the it's a few nights. At first they were going to put him in the PEDS ICU but they decided that since his PH was low (?) he didn't need a drip insulin, he could go to the regular floor. We will be here until Saturday, maybe Sunday even. Mostly for learning how to live with this. For the most part, he has a great attitude although, he is a little worried about Halloween and the candy. HA! I have no doubt Riley will handle this well. He is very diligent and disciplined about certain things so he will be amazing about keeping track of his foods etc. He is such a great kid and I am so proud of him!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ice Babies!!!!

Last Monday, my IP had nine eggs retrieved. Out of those nine, seven were mature and five were fertilized. Out of those five three have remained!! So now, we have three, THREE embryos-which we are lovingly calling "Ice Babies"! (I think of Vanilla Ice every time I say this hahaha) I still have to go through a treatment cycle, but I think if I was ready to go now, they would be too!
Tomorrow I have an appointment at the reproductive clinic. I will get some blood work done and a couple different ultrasounds. One is a mock transfer, so they are doing everything but transferring the Ice babies! It'll be interesting I think. Not the most comfortable procedure, but I'm ready and excited for it! THEN, after my appointment I get to meet up with my IP at Starbucks!! We haven't seen each other since May so I'm excited to get caught up with her again.
I'll re post after my appointment tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be looking good and I'll know my next steps!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Going!!

This has been a good week! My estrogen levels were perfect so I was able to start my shots again last Tuesday! I have a neighbor who is a nurse and she came over to show Bill and I some tricks about giving shots-it was very helpful and Bill is doing so good!! I went to the Dr today again to get more blood work and everything seems on track! I get to increase my dosage tonight and then next Tuesday go in for more blood work, an ultrasound and a mock transfer. Then hopefully, I'll start my treatment cycle which includes a couple more injections, but at least Bill wont have to do them all since one of them is in my tummy which I can do.
My IP had her eggs retrieved yesterday and they got nine!!! Last night they fertilized the eggs and out of nine, 5 are fertilized. Please pray with us that those five are still going by Saturday. If they keep, then my IP wont have to do another month of injections herself and another egg retrieval.
I know they are anxious as well as me to get this process going. It is such a long process, but so worth it in the end!!
Thanks for your prayers and support!! I will continue to keep this updated as much as I can!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Starting again!!

So, my estrogen levels were perfect today so I get to start injections tonight!! So excited.....I texted Bill to let him know what he'll be doing and he still hasn't responded. He's not as excited as I am. In fact, I think he highly dislikes giving me shots! LOL He's so afraid of hurting me, but they really don't hurt at all! In a few weeks, I'll be having to do a total of THREE injections. Two, Bill will have to do, and the third, I can do cause it's in my tummy. My IP started her injections last week.
Speaking of my IP, yes I do know them. We met them in April and have kept in contact by email over the months. We all have a lot in common with is so nice. Once I get pregnant, we will be seeing them often =) Yay!!
Also, while I was at the Dr today getting my blood work done, I spoke with our coordinator and she seems to think that the transfer of the embryo's wont happen til December. UGH. That's so far from now!! This process is a very long one, and is teaching me patience. Also gives me more time to try and lose some weight before I start gaining again!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I have thought about blogging for the last week, but kept forgetting to do so!! LOL. This is why I'm a bad blogger; I'm not very good about keeping things updated. It also could be there is not much to update on I guess-I messed up on my meds. I did my injections perfectly-I was prescribed two other medications. One was Provera (which is an estrogen I believe) and the other was the birthcontrol pill. I did as directed by the pharmacist and started the two medications the same evening as the injections. Well, apparently, I was not supposed to take those meds until AFTER my injections were done. Oops. My body is very confused!!! I think I overloaded it with way too many hormones-which resulted in a few major migraines. Ick.
Now I need to wait til my estrogen level is below 40 to start up the injections again. Right now I am at 120ish?? I go in Tuesday morning for more bloodwork, so I'm praying that my estrogen level has dropped.
That's pretty much my update. Not too exciting. This process is much longer than I thought it would be but I'm still super excited to be doing this! I just want to be pregnant already!!! I'm sure my IP's (the intended parents) are anxious as well!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Injections

So I stared what they call a "Mock Cycle" to see if my body does what it's suppose to do. I have to take a few medications now, and one of them is by injection. It's in my lower back, so I am unable to give myself the shot. Bill had to do my first one! He was so afraid it would hurt me-he's so sweet. He managed to give me the first injectin the other night and I was so proud of him!! Good job Bill! He just about got sick though-and was looking a little green for a while. LOL So I left him alone to get composed again. Brady really wants to give me my next shot.....I might consider letting him do it since Bill kinda had a hard time with it!!
In a few weeks, we'll add more injections. A couple in my back and one in my tummy. That'll be interesting!

New Begining!

So, I've decided that I need to start blogging again. I am about to embark on a new adventure and I want to blog on my way there. I think I'll use this as my journal so I can remember how I felt, what I did etc. My new adventure??? I'm a surrogate mom!!
This is something I've always wanted to do! I can remember the exact moment it came to me. I think I was in 9th or 10th grade driving down I-90 in Spokane with my mom. We were talking about my cousin who could not carry a baby and I remember saying "I would carry a baby for her!!" Ever since then, this desire has been in my heart.
So a couple years ago, when I knew we were done having our own children, I found a local surrogacy agency and signed up-and waited. There were a couple opportunities offered to me but those situations did not fit into why I wanted to be a surrogate.
Finally in April of 2011, we were paired up with our couple. They are a wonderful couple and have a heartbreaking story of becoming parents. They also share the same values as us-see, I refuse to terminate for any reason. I believe life begins at conception and God is the creater of life no matter how the child is conceived. We all agree on this issue which is wonderful for both parties!!
The process is just starting. Right now, I'm taking injections to prepare my body and make sure I will be able to accept an embryo. The transfer should be in late September if all goes well. I am so excited and I can't believe this is actually happening!
I will be using this blog to journal our steps....even if no one reads it! HA!