Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Going!!

This has been a good week! My estrogen levels were perfect so I was able to start my shots again last Tuesday! I have a neighbor who is a nurse and she came over to show Bill and I some tricks about giving shots-it was very helpful and Bill is doing so good!! I went to the Dr today again to get more blood work and everything seems on track! I get to increase my dosage tonight and then next Tuesday go in for more blood work, an ultrasound and a mock transfer. Then hopefully, I'll start my treatment cycle which includes a couple more injections, but at least Bill wont have to do them all since one of them is in my tummy which I can do.
My IP had her eggs retrieved yesterday and they got nine!!! Last night they fertilized the eggs and out of nine, 5 are fertilized. Please pray with us that those five are still going by Saturday. If they keep, then my IP wont have to do another month of injections herself and another egg retrieval.
I know they are anxious as well as me to get this process going. It is such a long process, but so worth it in the end!!
Thanks for your prayers and support!! I will continue to keep this updated as much as I can!


mholgate said...

Stephanie, I will continue to pray for you and the other family! What an amazing journey.


lmparmeter said...

Was very exciting to be with you yesterday as you got the news....I'm glad you've felt comfortable to share your love & enthusiasm with the rest of us about this incredible selfless gesture to another family and share with them Gods gift of creation. Can't wait to see or meet this unique little miracle!!! Much love & prayers for this beautiful journey.