Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Phone Call

What a difference one phone call can make! In a matter of a few seconds I went from excitement of going to Brady's football game to scared about Riley's life!!

So,I decided that I am going to take a quick break from blogging about surrogacy and talk about Riley. Riley only has one kidney. When he was 2 1/2 he had his left kidney removed because it was not working. Once a year, he goes in to have his good kidney checked out. In August he had his ultrasound and blood work. We've scheduled a few appointments to do a followup but needed to keep rescheduling for one reason or another. Probably a good thing now that I think of it. Anyway, he finally went in yesterday and the Dr said everything looks good as far as the blood work and ultrasound. Of course the blood work was from August. Oh well. He did a urine test when he was there and this afternoon the Dr called and said it was abnormal and I need to get Riley to Doernbechers ER immediately.

We finally got there and they rushed us right in. I've never had an ER visit quite like that. Even with Brady's Asthma stuff. It was different. I guess why it seemed so different is because Riley wasn't even sick. He didn't act sick, look sick-no one would have guessed anything was wrong!! Right away they checked his blood sugars-521. Key tones (sp?) and glucose in his urine. Lots of blood was taken and vitals galore. Poor Riley was quietly freaking out. I could tell he was so worried...his sweet big brown eyes told the whole thing. We were told we were going to stay the it's a few nights. At first they were going to put him in the PEDS ICU but they decided that since his PH was low (?) he didn't need a drip insulin, he could go to the regular floor. We will be here until Saturday, maybe Sunday even. Mostly for learning how to live with this. For the most part, he has a great attitude although, he is a little worried about Halloween and the candy. HA! I have no doubt Riley will handle this well. He is very diligent and disciplined about certain things so he will be amazing about keeping track of his foods etc. He is such a great kid and I am so proud of him!!!

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