Monday, September 19, 2011

Ice Babies!!!!

Last Monday, my IP had nine eggs retrieved. Out of those nine, seven were mature and five were fertilized. Out of those five three have remained!! So now, we have three, THREE embryos-which we are lovingly calling "Ice Babies"! (I think of Vanilla Ice every time I say this hahaha) I still have to go through a treatment cycle, but I think if I was ready to go now, they would be too!
Tomorrow I have an appointment at the reproductive clinic. I will get some blood work done and a couple different ultrasounds. One is a mock transfer, so they are doing everything but transferring the Ice babies! It'll be interesting I think. Not the most comfortable procedure, but I'm ready and excited for it! THEN, after my appointment I get to meet up with my IP at Starbucks!! We haven't seen each other since May so I'm excited to get caught up with her again.
I'll re post after my appointment tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be looking good and I'll know my next steps!

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