Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Injections

So I stared what they call a "Mock Cycle" to see if my body does what it's suppose to do. I have to take a few medications now, and one of them is by injection. It's in my lower back, so I am unable to give myself the shot. Bill had to do my first one! He was so afraid it would hurt me-he's so sweet. He managed to give me the first injectin the other night and I was so proud of him!! Good job Bill! He just about got sick though-and was looking a little green for a while. LOL So I left him alone to get composed again. Brady really wants to give me my next shot.....I might consider letting him do it since Bill kinda had a hard time with it!!
In a few weeks, we'll add more injections. A couple in my back and one in my tummy. That'll be interesting!

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mholgate said...

Stephanie! I am so excited for you! What a wonderful process, and such a blessing to the family you have been paired up with! I'll be praying for your journey!