Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Starting again!!

So, my estrogen levels were perfect today so I get to start injections tonight!! So excited.....I texted Bill to let him know what he'll be doing and he still hasn't responded. He's not as excited as I am. In fact, I think he highly dislikes giving me shots! LOL He's so afraid of hurting me, but they really don't hurt at all! In a few weeks, I'll be having to do a total of THREE injections. Two, Bill will have to do, and the third, I can do cause it's in my tummy. My IP started her injections last week.
Speaking of my IP, yes I do know them. We met them in April and have kept in contact by email over the months. We all have a lot in common with is so nice. Once I get pregnant, we will be seeing them often =) Yay!!
Also, while I was at the Dr today getting my blood work done, I spoke with our coordinator and she seems to think that the transfer of the embryo's wont happen til December. UGH. That's so far from now!! This process is a very long one, and is teaching me patience. Also gives me more time to try and lose some weight before I start gaining again!!

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Liz said...

Stephanie-I think this is wonderful for you to do this for someone who really wants a baby and can't. It is going to be an amazing journey for you-before, during and after the pregnancy. You are certainly an angel.