Friday, April 10, 2009

Signs of Spring!!

Spring is here!!

Here are a some of what is blooming in our yard right now. I cant take any credit for any of these beautiful flowers and dont even know what any of them are called, but arent they just beautiful?

Thankfully it rains a lot over here so my flowers get watered....I dont have much of a green thumb and tend to kill plants and flowers.

This is my favorite time of year! This is a picture of the tree in our front yard. It only stays like this for a few weeks so this year I actually got a picture of it!! It's so pretty right now.


Some of our masterpieces!

Bill's "egg"
Riley being silly
Brady's not very happy to be getting his picture taken

Happy Easter!! Here are a few pictures of us dying Easter eggs today.

First Baseball game

Last Saturday was Elliot's first baseball game.....I love watching my kids play sports. Elliot is the only one playing baseball this year-which in some ways is nice, but I really do miss watching Brady play. I think he is regretting his decision of not playing this year. Here are a few pictures of Elliot first game.