Monday, February 2, 2009

Quick update

It's been a while again since I've posted last. This is why I hesitated in the first place to do my own blog-because I didnt think I would be able to think of things to write. I'm not a writer like some. I go onto other blogs and read these wonderful, interesting stories with so much detail and energy and then try to write something on my blog but nothing comes up! Maybe the more I try, the better I get?
Anyway, things are going well in the Beckham household. I am loving my job and most days think I'm doing ok. I love what I am doing and for the most part, everyday there is something different. I am still loving my schedule but have found that I have to be careful on my days off to make sure I dont over commit my self to anything.
Bill and I are still doing good with staying on track financially for the most part. We had a major bump in the road this weekend and not sure on the outcome of that but both of us has a peace over this whole thing. God is so good. It's amazing the difference from right now and a year ago. If our "bump" had happened this time last year, I would have sunken low into a depression and had the feeling of a ton of bricks on my shoulder but things have changed so much over this year (another story that I may tell at a later time) that when this "bump" happened, I felt nothing but joy....only the joy that God can give.
Anyway, that's all for my post this time...maybe next time I'll even have some pictures to include!


mholgate said...

Praise God for Joy!!!! I feel the same way about our own financial "bump" that we had recently. We are ending up having to replace our furnace. God is our provider though, and I trust Him completely! :)

Hang in there Stephanie! You're walking the walk!

Love, Melissa

Colleen said...

Hi Stephanie, I love hearing about your life over there and also about the kids. I'm glad your new job is going well. Tell Elliot Autumn says hi! Love, Colleen