Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One More Down!

Monday, we were able to pay off another credit card!! We are both so excited but know we still have a ways to go. So that's one down, 5 to go! (two more that will be gone by the end of April!) WooHoo!!

Things have been going pretty good lately. Another thing we were able to do is to get our yard cleaned up finally! This winter has been so hard on it, and I'm not much for yard work so we hired someone. I know, its an extra expense but it sure takes off a HUGE burden. I can now walk outside and not cringe at the sight of our yard!

My new job is going pretty well....I still have a lot more to learn and to master, but at least now I can talk on the radio and answer phones without shaking! There was a point were after a phone call my hands would be shaking so much. It must have been because of the adrenalin?? Thursday night I am taking a first aid course and next month I will be getting recertified for CPR.

The boys are doing great too. Brady is starting to get back in shape to prepare for football and Elliot will be playing base ball this year! He's so excited. Riley is opting for Kung Fu. Both Brady and Riley are playing an instrument. Riley is learning violin and Brady is taking drum lessons. They are actually doing pretty good.

Also, today is Elliot's birthday! My baby is 7 now. I still picture him as a 3 year old. He is growing up so very fast!! He's such a fun kid to have around-he has a great sense of humor and loves his brothers! He wants to be just like they are.

Happy Birthday Elliot!!

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