Friday, January 16, 2009


I was on a quest today to find a Wii Fit. I went to seven different stores today. SEVEN! You'd think out of that many stores at least one of them could have had a Wii Fit somewhere! Nope. I could have gone to more but ran out of time (my son informed me I should've gone up to Washington too)... All seven of them were OUT and didn't know when they were getting more. Ugh. Right before Christmas I was at Fred Meyers and Wal Mart and saw quite a few of them so I thought right now would be a great time to find one since it's after Christmas. But not so....I guess everyone else had the same idea that I did. As I was driving home from my search I called home and talked with my kids, and one certain child was very disappointed that I could not find one and went on to blame Oregon for the stores not having any Wii Fits and he wanted to move to China!? (Or Spokane, because of course, Spokane has everything we need) ;)
I tried teaching him about patience and how good things come to those who wait, but it appeared that he wasn't having any of that. Imagine that....
Oh well, at least I tried.


Kerri said...

Stephanie....You get major brownie points for trying, though! I had thought about getting a Wii Fit and instead just joined the gym. Perhaps I'll look out at the base to see if they have them. Spokane doesn't have EVERYTHING, you know! :) big hugs to you -- have a great weekend!

mholgate said...

You probably wouldn't have had much luck here either. They are a hot item right now! I got mine for my birthday back in November, but even then, we had to call Best Buy and reserve it first thing in the morning. I love it though. (That is, when I get a chance to use it!) Everyone in the house loves it!

Better luck next time! : )