Friday, November 13, 2009

Ok...I guess I'll update this blog. :)
It's been an eventful last couple months! In September the kids went back to school. Brady is in Jr. High now-I still cant believe I have a Jr.Higher and he will be 13 next month!!!! A teenager too? Wow!! He completed another season of football-still our favorite sport! This season was fun and better than last. They had a 2 and 6 season-which was way better than our 0 and 8 season last year!! The kids improved so much and all had so much fun. About halfway through the season Brady ended up in the hospital for a couple days though. He got a cold and when he gets colds his asthma acts up. We've dealt with this for 12 years and nothing seemed out of the ordinary....also, I hesitated taking him to the doctor because at that time we did not have health insurance. But when he was so winded he could barely walk or talk, I took him to the dr and they ended up calling for an ambulance to transport him to Emanuel Hospital in Portland. Thank goodness he didnt have pneumonia but he did end up and air pocket between his lungs and sternum. That was kinda scary but I guess it just resolved itself. Brady actually enjoyed his hospital stay. He loved having the nurses and parents attending to his every need. :) But after two days he improved enough to go home. Then exactly one month later he got H1N1. I thought the timing was weird and I'm really hoping this isnt starting a trend of being sick once a month like that. :) Plus, his brothers-although worried about him when he's sick-might get tired of doing Brady's chores around the house!
Riley and Elliot are both doing well too. Riley is in 6th grade now and Elliot is in 2nd and both are doing well. Thankfully, their lives are more uneventful than Brady's. Their lives lately has been school, legos, x-box, friends etc.
As for me, I am back to work. I actually got my old job back at DHS. I've been back since October 9th and there have been a lot of changes in the last 10 months but it still really feels like I never left. The best thing is that we now have insurance! The three months between my 911 job and DHS were a roller coaster for me but I am so very thankful that I had those three months to recoup. Even though the 911 job didnt work out-It was a great job but I know it just wasnt the right fit for me. I did get to meet some wonderful people and learned a lot of valuable information while I was there. It was such a great experience

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Colleen said...

Wow, You guys have been busy! I can't believe how fast your boys are growing up and that you almost have a teenager on your hands! Give Elliot a big hug and kiss for us! (from Autumn too, of course)
Love, Colleen