Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ok. I've given in.....I decided to start a blog too. There have been times in the past where I thought it would be nice to have one, but just havent sat down and figured out how to get one started. It didnt seem like it would be too difficult since so many people have blogs.....I'm just a procrastinator at some things and then I wonder if I will actually update my blog. Who knows? It doesnt hurt to try anyway, right?
We have been so busy lately which is another reason why it has taken me FOREVER to do this. Bill and I both work full time and right now is football season which means that Brady has football practice 3 nights a week and Bill is one of the coaches. I love watching him play so I find myself at the field whenever I can to watch. Riley and Elliot dont mind so much because they can bring their bikes or scooters and play with friends during practice. Brady's games are on Saturdays which, since most of our games are away games, our Saturdays are taken up with football!! Thankfully we all enjoy it.........even though Brady's team has not won once this year, it's still fun to watch. What a difference a year can make. Last year, Brady was on the team that took the Championship! Oh well, this is a learning year. It's amazing how much improvement I've seen in his team mates. A lot of them are first time players this year. Also, watching Brady learn new positions like Running Back has been so fun! He is doing great and works so hard.
Riley really wanted to play but since he only has one kidney, it isnt possible. So, he is the "team manager" aka Water Boy. He loves his job and I'm sure the team appreciates him.
Elliot is counting down the days until he can's so hard to wait. They dont start until the kids are going into 3rd grade. Elliot is only in 1st this year. Two more summers!!
Well, this is my first official blog. Hopefully, I'll keep it updated enough.


Party of 5 said...

Yeah Stephanie! I started my blog last spring and its actually pretty fun. Congrats on getting started! Tell Bill and the kids hello from me!

The Beckham 5 said...

I think it will be if I can remember to keep it updated! Congrats on your race today!

Smith Family said...

Nice to see you joining us wacky bloggers! It will be nice to keep up with your family.